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Butterfly Education

Intentional butterfly education is one of the best ways for us to learn about butterflies, their environment and how we impact each other. Wings of Enchantment offers fun, interactive programs to help the New Mexico community learn about butterflies, their habitat, and how to get involved in helping to save butterflies. We also reinforce what is taught by allowing the freedom to interact with live life stages by touch and feel which enhances the learning experience. Take a look below for the programs we have to offer and we hope to visit you soon!

We are an Albuquerque Public Schools and Rio Rancho Public Schools Approved Vendor!


kit-cupButterfly life cycle kits are an excellent way to observe and experience their metamorphosis firsthand! Our caterpillar rearing and chrysalis emerging kits are perfect for the classroom, as well as 4-H, Science Fair, Boy Scout and Girl Scout projects – even birthday parties!  For details on each kit we have available click HERE.

$10 per kit, includes 4-5 caterpillars and instant diet (includes tax)
If your order includes more than 5 kits, please give at least 2 weeks advance notice.


Wings of Enchantment can visit your school, garden club, or organization with a fun educational program to teach a variety of subjects including the life cycle of the butterfly, butterfly gardening and conservation. Please take special note of our updated 2019 Season program descriptions and pricing structure that we believe will better serve your needs and enhance the overall interactive experience.

Life Cycle Journey - Kids Program

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Life Cycle Journey offers an opportunity for hands on discovery and exploration of live butterfly life stages through their natural host plants, free flight and feeding. Tailored to 3 years old through early elementary kids, children are introduced to the butterfly life cycle through an interactive story and videos, given time to ask questions and discuss what they have learned. This is followed by hands on interaction with live examples for each of the butterfly’s life stages; butterflies laying eggs, caterpillars feeding, chrysalis and feeding butterflies. (Program not suitable for children 2 years old or below.)

We begin our journey with the whole group by learning more about butterflies.
* Life Cycle – Participation in an interactive story, learning about the butterfly life cycle.
* Fun Facts – A special student is chosen to help their classmates learn about butterfly anatomy using an interactive costume.

We then venture outside, in smaller groups of 20, to learn through live touch and interaction.
* Live representation of each life cycle stage.
* Learning through Touch – Students are allowed to hold and touch live caterpillars and live chrysalis.
* Observe mama butterflies laying eggs.
* Feed the Butterflies – Feed free-flying butterflies in a 10’x10′ enclosed display.

Select Your Initial Group Session
20 or less kids….$165 (40 minutes)
40 or less kids….$205 (60 minutes)
60 or less kids….$245 (80 minutes)

Add Extra Group Sessions.
If you have more than 60 kids, you will use these add-on sessions to accommodate more students/classes.
Add an extra session for 20 or less kids…..$85 (40 minutes)
Add an extra session for 40 or less kids ….$105 (60 minutes)
Add an extra session for 60 or less kids ….$125 (80 minutes)


The Wonder of Butterflies
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Butterflies are one of nature’s most amazing creatures with their transformation from creepy crawly to a beautiful winged insect. In this program you will learn about the life cycle of the butterfly and how you can help in the survival of this beautiful wonder by learning conservation strategies that you yourself can implement to make a difference. These strategies include things such as understanding butterfly anatomy and life cycle stages, how to create habitat to attract all stages of the butterfly, and tag and release efforts to better understand migration patterns.

$145 per 45-60 minutes of time/activities (includes tax)
*10% discount for programs booked back-to-back at the same facility



Questions about what you see, or ready to schedule your program? Contact us so we can discuss specifics in regards to your needs, or you can CHECK AVAILABILITY and schedule your event on-line.

*Mileage is charged at $0.55/mile for programs outside the Greater Albuquerque Area
*We recommend scheduling our programs a minimum 30 days in advance to assure availability of livestock.

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it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart.”
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