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Our Butterfly Farm

Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm came about as the direct result of the fun our family had in raising Monarch butterflies each fall as a hobby.  It was established to promote awareness of the butterfly life cycle, and habitat, and to raise healthy, vibrant butterflies for education, exhibits, and memorable butterfly releases for special occasions. We are dedicated to providing quality butterflies that support our endeavor to educate our customers, help our environment and ensure beautiful butterflies to grace any event.

VeltkampTatia6968low-300x214Our family read an article in Family Fun Magazine telling how to locate and raise eggs and caterpillars on milkweed.  So, with 2 very young boys and a friend and her young children, we set out to find milkweed in New Mexico.  It was quite a challenge, as none of us knew what milkweed looked like, much less what a Monarch egg or caterpillar really looked like.  We did find both milkweed and Monarch eggs on our first trip out.  What fun when those eggs hatched and gradually transformed themselves 3 more times to become beautiful Monarch butterflies that we eventually released back into the wild.

As time marched on, we wanted to do more and we learned about the decline of the Monarch butterflies as well as how little people really knew of and understood the importance of butterflies in our environment.  Sadly, our city has since begun spraying the original ditch banks where we located our first prizes, so we have not been able to return there for several years. This inspired us to begin working on a nursery component to our farm that focuses on growing host plants for butterflies, not only for use on our farm, but also to make available to our community in order to help expand butterfly habitat. We also love to experiment with planting both host and nectar plants throughout our yard in order to attract butterflies to our yard.

In 2010, Tatia Veltkamp started Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm, which now brings educational programs on the life cycle of the butterfly to the public and sells butterflies for release at special occasions and butterfly life cycle kits.  She has worked with the Xerces Society on habitat restoration for the Monarch butterfly in New Mexico and with Southwest Monarch Study in Arizona to study the migration patterns of Monarch butterflies in the Southwest.  She is past-president for the Association for Butterflies, where she worked to help educate other butterfly farmers in raising quality butterflies and teaching the public about the importance of habitat for our pollinators.