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Our Butterfly Farm

Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm is dedicated to helping you achieve success whether you are releasing butterflies at your special event or needing support to help make your life cycle education the most dynamic it can possibly be with live insects or support in the education of your student(s).

VeltkampTatia6968low-300x214When our family was very young, we read a magazine article with instructions on how to locate and raise monarch eggs and caterpillars on milkweed.  We had no idea what we were doing, but set off with information from that article.  Because we succeeded, we are so excited to help you experience that same wonder of transformation from creepy crawly to beautiful butterfly with your children or students.

As we have expanded and learned more, we have also been able to add a plant component to our business to help support you in your pollinator gardening efforts.  Milkweed is a difficult plant to obtain locally in New Mexico and so we have made it our ambition to help you purchase milkweed right here at home.  The monarch butterflies need our help and without milkweed, they cannot be saved.

Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm was founded in 2010 and is now the leading expert in New Mexico for educational programs on the life cycle of the butterfly, butterflies produced for release at special occasions and butterfly life cycle kits.  We are here to put our expertise to work for YOUR success.

Tatia Veltkamp, owner of Wings of Enchantment, has worked with the Xerces Society on habitat restoration for the monarch butterfly in New Mexico and with Southwest Monarch Study in Arizona to study the migration patterns of monarch butterflies in the Southwest.  She is past-president for the Association for Butterflies, where she worked to help educate other butterfly farmers in raising quality butterflies and teaching the public about the importance of habitat for our pollinators.

You can find out more about our programs and order life cycle kits by contacting us at 505.271.0325 or tatiav@comcast.net.  We would love to partner with you as you teach the next generation to love the world around them.