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Life Cycle Kits  

Lifecycle3largeWatch the amazing transformation from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.  The caterpillars eat an instant diet throughout their larval (caterpillar) stage, then pupate (make their chrysalis) on the top attachment pad.  The pad is then removed (with pupae attached) to a net cage and the wait begins for that last transformation to occur. To order any of the life cycle kits or accessories below, please contact us via phone or email.

Life Cycle Kit

This kit includes the rearing container, instant diet, attachment pad, 4-5 caterpillars, and instructions for success.

Life Cycle Kit Bundle

This kit bundle includes the rearing container, instant diet, attachment pad, 4-5 caterpillars, a 12″ black net cage, and instructions for success. The black netting allows the light in, giving you a better view of your butterflies.

Black Net Cage

12″ black net cage.  Sturdy zipper for access.  Black net allows for better visibility of contents.  For use with Life Cycle Kits or for bug collecting.

Mini Net Cage

These small catch and release popups can be folded and placed easily in your pocket and are perfect for bug collectors of all ages! Stands approximately 7″ tall and 5″ around.  Perfectly-sized for small hands (and pockets) to tote with them, they also clip to a belt loop to keep your hands free for collecting. They are perfect for raising caterpillars, emerging pupae and even storing adults for a short period of time. Available in blue or green. A great addition to life cycle kits.
Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm guarantees that your caterpillars/chrysalides were living, healthy specimens and carefully packaged for safe arrival.  However, they are living organisms and some circumstances are simply unpredictable and beyond our control.  Therefore we cannot guarantee that all caterpillars will survive to become adults.  It has been our experience that when you follow the instructions included with your order you will have a positive experience.We do not replace caterpillars unless they do not ARRIVE as living specimens.  In the unlikely event that there is a problem, we must be contacted within four hours of receipt and inspection of your order. Replacements will not be provided unless we are contacted immediately and provided with a date stamped photo. Many factors influence the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly and for those reasons we cannot guarantee the successful emergence of each chrysalis.Should you experience problems after the arrival of your shipment, please contact us so we can trouble shoot and try to help you determine the cause of the problem.